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Puppetry Camp

Ages 8-12/entering 3rd-7th  / June 24-28, 9am-3pm /   $250 @ Miner's Hospital

 Puppet up! Craft, voice, and character-develop a unique puppet to perform in an ensemble production at the end-of-the-week showcase on the Egyptian Theatre stage!

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Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead- UTAH Animals

Ages 9-12/entering 4th-6th  / July 15-19, 9am-3pm /   $275  @ Swaner EcoCenter

STEAM learning is more fun when art is in the mix! Join our science and art specialists for a unique combination of drama, music, art, and hands-on learning and exploration on the Swaner Preserve. Show off what you've learned at the end-of-the-week performance! This camp is in partnership with the Swaner Eco Center and Preserve and will be held at Swaner.


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Musical Theatre Review

"All The World's A Stage" 

Ages 8-12/entering 3rd-7th  /  July 15-19, 9am-3pm /  $250 @ Miner's Hospital

We pick songs from the wonderful world of musical theatre on our chosen theme and you spend the week rehearsing music and choreography to perform on Egyptian Theatre stage at the end-of-week showcase! Our focus this summer on "stage" refers to both performance and the life stage of growing up!

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Production Camp

 Ages 8-12/entering 3rd-7th  / July 22-26, 9am-3pm  /  $275 @ Miner's Hospital

Just like being a part of a real theatre troupe- performers have a hand in every part of the production! Learn your lines, create characters, rehearse, plus make props, costumes, and set pieces, ending with performance on the Egyptian Theatre stage.

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Story to Stage: Creature Feature

*scroll up for Story to Stage ages 6-7*  

Ages 8-9/entering 3rd-4th  / July 29-Aug 2, 9am-3pm /  $240 @ Park City Library

In partnership with Park City Library, this camp experience brings beloved children's books such as "The Gruffalo" & "Where the Wild Things Are" to life on stage! Each group (separated by age) will explore stories and characters through dramatic play, craft props and costumes, and perform the story live on stage during a showcase on the final camp day. This camp takes place at the Park City Library.


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Pre-Teen Intensive

 Ages 8-12/entering 3rd-7th  / July 29-August 9, 9am-3pm  /  $475 @ Miner's Hospital

Choice of either Musical Theatre or Creative Drama production group plus two elective classes. With options ranging from Broadway Rock Ensemble to Stage Crafts, excel in one interest or explore many! End with showcase on Egyptian Theatre stage!

This year Pre-Teen Intensive includes 2 half-day masterclasses with singer/songwriters Livingston Taylor & Janis Ian!

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I Got Skills

August 12-14, 9am-Noon /  $90

Theatre games are not busy work. They help students learn the essentials of theatre while having fun, moving, and connecting with fellow performers. We will cover: creating characters, voice, movement, teamwork, and more!

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Music 1.0

August 12-14, 9am-3pm /  $90

Taught in a fun, active, engaging environment to instill mind/body connection of the covered theories. Day 1: Reading Music / Day 2: I can Act & Sing at the same time! / Day 3: Performing & Feedback

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June 10-14

Ages 10-12/entering 5th-7th @ Miner's Hospital

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June 24-28, BILINGUAL (Spanish/English)

Ages 10-14/entering 5th-9th @ Miner's Hospital

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