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Combo: I Got Skills & Music 1.0

August 12-14, 9am-3:30pm  /  $150

Theatre Games are not busy work- they help students learn the essentials of theatre while having fun, moving, and connecting with fellow performers. We will cover: creating character, voice, movement, teamwork, and more!

Music 1.0: Day 1: Reading Music / Day 2: I can Act & Sing at the same time! / Day 3: Performing & Feedback

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Musical Theatre Review

"All The World's A Stage" 

Ages 13-18/entering 8th-12th  /  July 15-19, 9am-3pm   /  $250 @ Miner's Hospital

We pick songs from the wonderful world of musical theatre on our chosen theme and you spend the week rehearsing music and choreography to perform on Egyptian Theatre stage at the end-of-week showcase! Our focus this summer on “stage” pertains to both performance and the life stages of growing up!

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Teen Puppetry

 Ages 12-18/entering 7th-12th  /  July 22-26, 9am-3pm   /  $250 @ Egyptian Theatre

Boundary-pushing Broadway productions such as Warhorse, The Lion King, and King Kong have changed the theatrical landscape and redefined the meaning of ensemble, one of the most important elements of theatre. Instead of a focus on individual puppets, this camp will explore ensemble puppetry with large puppets requiring more than one actor to bring them to life on stage.

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Acting Workshop

 Ages 13-18 /entering 8th-12th /  August 12-14, 12:30-3:30pm  /  $90 ($75 if taken as Combo with morning Music 2.0) @ Miner's Hospital

Day 1: Voice, Movement & Ensemble /  Day 2: Character  /  Day 3: Script Analysis

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Music 2.0 Workshop

 Ages 12-18/entering 8th-12th  /  August 12-14, 9am-Noon /  $90 ($75 if taken as Combo with afternoon Acting Workshop) @ Miner's Hospital

A step up from our MUSIC 1.0 workshop for younger students, while still being accessible to teens at the beginning of their training. Taught in a fun, active, engaging environment to instill mind/body connection of the covered theories. Day 1: Reading Music / Day 2: I can Act & Sing at the same time! / Day 3: Auditioning & Feedback

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Combo: Music 2.0 & Acting Workshop

 Ages 13-18  /  August 12-14, 9am-3:30pm  /  $150 @ Miner's Hospital

Day 1: Reading Music & Voice, Movement & Ensemble / Day 2: I can Act & Sing at the same time! & Character / Day 3: Auditioning and Feedback & Script Analysis

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Act Out!

  Ages 8-12/entering 3rd-7th  / June 10-14, 9am-3pm  /  $230 @ Miner's Hospital

Learn the fundamental skills every actor needs to have in their tool box: how to a create character, work in an ensemble, effectively tell a story, and the basics of improv! Show off your skills in a showcase the final afternoon of camp.

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Hear Me, Hear Me


Ages 10-13  /  entering 5th-8th grade / June 10-14, 9am-3pm /  $125 @ Miner's Hospital

Led by Latinx theatre makers and writers, participants will explore the theatre arts of voice, movement, creating characters, and performance through fun and active drama games and activities, as well as contributing to an original piece written specifically for them during the week to perform at the end of week showcase!

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Musical Theatre Production

 Ages 8-12/entering 3rd-7th  / June 17-28, 9am-3pm  /  $500 @Miner's Hospital

In this two-week camp experience, we pick a musical to explore and separate campers into groups by age and characters. Performers rotate daily through Singing, Choreography & Acting rehearsals; coming together for end-of-week performance on the Egyptian stage!

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Puppetry Camp

Ages 8-12/entering 3rd-7th  / June 24-28, 9am-3pm /   $250 @ Miner's Hospital

 Puppet up! Craft, voice, and character-develop a unique puppet to perform in an ensemble production at the end-of-the-week showcase on the Egyptian Theatre stage!

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